I usually take half a Vidalista pill 10mg), but as I wasn't always able to achieve a full hard-on erection, I decided this time to take the full 20mg pill.

I usually take half a Vidalista pill 10mg), but as I wasn't always able to achieve a full hard-on erection, I decided this time to take the full 20mg pill.

You can't exceed 20 mg in 3 days.....I took a 5 mg dose to start....knowing I had time. Two years ago my blood pressure had topped out in the 160 range....sometimes higher. I realize I'm lucky to have no side effects (unless you want to count the almost constant partial erection) and will happily take a daily 5mg forever.


The Vidalista effects were still evident even a couple of days later. As for ED, Vidalista helped me to get a better errection however, it is not the be all and end all pannacea drug for ED but that of course is also dependant on other medical conditions as well. Drug worked great but after 3 years of taking Vidalista suffered heart attack in Jan 2015.


With it, I have gone three times within 3 to 4 hours, and maintained a rock hard erection every time. I am usually good for 5 to 7 sessions over two an a half day period while taking it. Wife and I average 2 to 3 sessions a week (typical 7 day week) without it. I am rock hard MOST times while taking Vidalista, but there have been times it didn't work as intended. During last 10 to 15 hours, I feel good erection anytime and anywhere.


So first time, yesterday Saturday night, I have taken 5mg Vidalista. Taking smaller doses for days at a time has the same effect. These usually appear 1-12 hours after you take the medication and disappear all by themselves gradually as the effect of Vidalista wears off.


The former two will probably make the half-life of Vidalista stretch beyond usual in your system, which is why you risk overdosing on this medication even if you take the pills less often than once in 36 hours. For instance, popping a pill of Vidalista for your first intercourse and a Cenforce for the second, both within a few hours, is a total no-no. If you, however, play by the rules and take Vidalista exactly the way it was recommended by your doctor or, at least, in full accordance with the guidelines stated on the package insert, you probably won't experience any side effects.


Some sources also list ‘spontaneous penile erection' among side effects of Vidalista. Naturally, the percentage of men experiencing these side effects will be closer to 3% in 36-hour Vidalista users and significantly lower in those who prefer low-strength Vidalista for daily use. Even though it's still not expressly proven that Vidalista can cause such side effects alone or in combination with other substances or factors, most doctors agree that there's a chance it can.


There have been a few registered cases of men suffering from sudden hearing loss or vision problems after taking ED medications similar to Vidalista. Sometimes such erections get painful and really bother the ones getting them but sometimes men just leave things as they are - not knowing that an erection that lasting will most probably lead to permanent damage of tissues inside the penis and permanent inability to get erections after that.https://evidalista.com/